The Giant Confusion Around Food And Eating PLUS How To Solve It



Mrinalini wanted to be a good example to her little children. She wanted to be able to take informed decisions around food without having to go back to school to study Nutrition. She had tried to exercise away her extra pounds gained over the years and she had started to wonder about the missing piece of the puzzle as she had not gotten anywhere with that approach.

Low Carb is the way to go. Absolutely!


Low Fat High Protein makes more “sense”. It is the safest that there is.

Is there something like a Carb-tree? Or a Protein plant ?? When the hell did people switch to eating carbs and protein as opposed to food! Rice and beans, bread and jam you get that! But who has ever bought a pack of protein or a kilo of carbs?

Okay! Let’s say you play some version of a eenie meenie miny mo and arrive at one strategy to follow. But then what next? How and what to cook? What do you do at each meal? And what to eat the next day?

There are many many women out there who are sailing in the same boat as Mrinalini once did. Intelligent women that are committed to the reasoning and process as much as they are to the outcome. Gym “trainer” that is clueless about scientific evidence puts them on a schedule of some mishmash of exercise movements and promises weight loss, muscle gain etc etc. Same with diet vendors – who make ludicrous claims, give impractical advice and charge enormous fees. No reasoning is ever given or when it comes by, it rarely even appeals to the common sense.

Such women lose their spark and end up feeling angry and hurt when the system not only fails them but requires them to dumb down – just to fit in.

Over the last quarter of 2017 Mrinalini committed to learning the basics of Nutrition. What use is any learning if it doesn’t translate to action, right? She was sporty enough to do her homework in all earnestness – even when she did not believe in the usefulness of certain activities. She was delighted when she found herself back at her dance classes! There was no more eating like a maniac – vice-like grip had loosened so much that she now felt zen like in her attitude. Yet, she was brimming with energy. Each time she checked her weight, it felt like a gift. Towards the beginning of this year, she had recorded a nearly 17, yes SEVENTEEN pounds of weight loss. Now, did she feel stretched? Was it difficult?? Heck yes! But she saw it as a meaningful pursuit for herself, and therefore she did it.

What is your takeaway in all this?

May your #1 lesson be this:

Commit yourself to understand the basics. Nutrition is a science and its practice is evidence-based. Like Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said, “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts” – you need to deeply understand the distinction between facts and opinions.  I agree with you, there’s a lot of noise out there in matters of food and it’s difficult to tell the difference between right and wrong even for a professional. That said, internet has made it all accessible – you get to read both the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments for any topic. Develop a healthy curiosity and let go of stubborn clinging to something just because it’s “safe” and /or that’s all you’ve known.


Fact: Neither of us has a compulsion to sharing this story with the world. That said, Mrinalini and I both realize the power of stories like these, upon which the takeaways stand. It’s her utter purity of intention to reach someone that may be in a similar situation which inspires me to let you in on some highlights of this journey.


Request: Please remember, people mentioned in this story are real people in flesh and blood. With a beating heart and feelings. Be gentle with us. Questions and comments are fine so long as they are respectful.


Disclaimer: This is no promise of results. Outcomes depend on any number of factors and each person and situation is unique.

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10 thoughts on “The Giant Confusion Around Food And Eating PLUS How To Solve It”

  1. One of the most important learnings for me- and this is something most diet vendors won’t tell you- is that I own the process. I now decide what to eat, when to eat and how much of a gap between meals etc, myself. I don’t follow someone else’s plan. Heck, it isn’t even a plan. It’s how I live now. That shift has been the most fundamental one. Otherwise your trainer/dietician gives you a plan, you follow it for a few days and then fall off the wagon, feel guilty, so you don’t go back, and the pounds pile on. The most powerful thing with this program is that you gave me an understanding of the basics and that helped me make my choices. And because they’re my choices it doesn’t even feel like I’m trying too hard.

    • What you’ve said is very simple yet very profound – giving and taking ownership of the process. Calls for maturity from both parties. And that feeling of guilt is such a huge energy-suck. It pervades into our being so much that we forget what it is to live sans guilt!

  2. And many people around me still don’t understand or agree with some of my choices. I don’t think I’m confident enough to argue with them. But they can see that what I’m doing is working for me. So now children don’t offer me chocolate, the husband is very careful about ordering non dairy desserts and my parents have internalised that I will drink black tea. So that cycle of making a choice, sticking with it, seeing results and having your close family and friends start supporting you is, frankly, exhilarating.

    • It’s extremely wise of you to not invest in getting everybody to agree with you or understand. Exactly the spot where most people fall!

  3. Mrinalini, you are an inspiration. And Girija, thank you for being there always to help any of us out in our nutrition journey. Much love

  4. This is absolutely fantastic. Girija and Mrinalini – all the best to you. I can vouch for the fact that Mrinalini eats with enjoyment and relish and for me THAT is the success of your story Girija. Most people on diets develop a negative relationship with food and the enjoyment of food as a social binder disappears.

  5. Thanks for all the love Another, Annapoorni, Aparna and Payal. 💓. Girija, you’ll never realise how much of an impact you’ve had on my life

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