Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate is a course in eating and cooking healthy built exclusively for Desis.

I have put it together with a  recipe like approach to eating healthy, I’ve  isolated six key ‘ingredients’ that you really need to understand well, which will enable you to create your rules for eating healthy – for YOU. Meaning, even though the principles of Nutrition stay the same for us a species, we are all unique as individuals. So, we each have a taste of our own and our food must be aligned to that as much as be within the boundaries of Nutrition principles, for us to feel good about food. This course recognizes this deep need and teaches you the basic blocks so you can create your own healthy menu.

The course is divided into six Modules. Each Module will be opened for you on a set day of the week. It is an online way of learning, which means you will receive a password protected access to the material.

It will take you anywhere between 2 -2.5 hours per week to study PLUS complete the homework. It is built in such a way that cooking and eating healthy is part of doing the home work.

This apart, you will also need to set aside 30 minutes each week for an individual session with me directly.

Yes, this is the best part of the program. There are two support systems –

  1. 30 minute individual session with me directly – every week.

  2. A  closed Facebook group where you can give and receive support from your peers.

I will be part of this closed group as well, overlooking the interactions and holding it to a high standard of quality for everyone concerned.

The course is valued at Rs. 10,000. It will be offered to you at Rs. 2500, just this ONE time as I am beta testing the course.

Any well-put-together course such as this one, goes through two rounds of testing.

In the alpha stage, the content is criticised and reviewed thoroughly to bring it to a certain level of clarity, mostly by the people who already know and understand the content.

In the beta stage of testing, it will be presented to a slightly wider audience consisting of people for whom the content was built in the first place.

As a beta tester, you are like a professional taste tester. You will be asked to give me a feedback on what you feel about the course. Whether it was clear and easy. Or very confusing and not clear at all and so on. You are going to help me BIG TIME in polishing the course and how it is taught in the future.

This is a very good question and thank you for asking this. When we beta test something, it is extremely important to NOT introduce any bias. Meaning, I shouldn’t lead you to say nice things about the course or about me as an instructor, out of obligation. When I give you access to an elaborate course like this for FREE, PLUS do the individual sessions with you, also for free, it is very very likely that I may not receive the real honest feedback. You may feel obliged in some sense to say only nice things even when you may not mean it, it’s just human nature.

And also, when I do receive a genuine praise or testimonial, it should not feel like I bartered the course in return for your testimonial.

This one bears repeating –

  1. You have to be someone who wants to learn to eat healthy
  2. You must be someone who is willing to put in the work required for shifting mindset
  3. You must be someone who will ask and receive the guidance well.

You will always be in power, without a doubt. If and when you are asked to change your way of eating or cooking, it must be seen as a trial. We will be gently coaxing ourselves to do things differently for a certain length of time. ONLY YOU will have the power to keep it or leave it. So please do not feel intimidated.

  • You will be required to give your feedback, as a rule. Your individual session depends on this. If you feel, you may not be able to do it consistently, please DON’T apply.
  • You will be required to give a testimonial, by video / with a photo, at the end of the course. If you are not comfortable with this, please DON’T apply.

From my side, the decision is going to be made after scanning your application. I will shortlist some names and then connect with them on Skype. After this, I will select a final set of candidates.

Please know that every one of my readers is very dear to me and if you are not selected, it is nothing personal at all. It is ONLY because it was not a good fit for this exercise.