Are You Playing Enough?

Sitting down to discus food regimens with women is a definite part of the work I do. By this point, the client and I would have interacted a fair bit and the relationship would be established between us. Because of the trust cultivated, we both bring our very vulnerable selves to the table. And the

The Language Of Self-love

In the previous post I wrote, it was all about self-love, love being a verb and the actions of  love to express to yourself. Today, let’s focus on the language of self-love. This is by far the most important and useful thing you’ll ever learn in this process. Kindness. That’s the language. You know, we’re

If Love Is A Verb … How Do You Express It To Yourself?

Many many great people have echoed the sentiment of how every relationship is a mirror of one relationship, the one we have with ourselves. In extension of this standpoint, our responsibility is towards learning to clearly express love in this all important relationship. This is of great importance, not just because of upcoming Valentine’s Day,

What A Peeing Dog And Its Wise Owner Taught Me About Self-Love

Do you feel you’re selfish sometimes? Have you been thought of as selfish anytime? I was moping around all day, all of previous evening because someone very close to me at work had pointed out to me that I was selfish. It was someone’s birthday and they had offered me a piece (it was more like

February – Theme Post

Love. That’s the theme for this month of Feb, for all the blog posts here at Health Initiatives. Yes, I’m still into being a food coach and I still enjoy helping Indian women around the world with weight loss and cravings. So what’s love gotta do with it, did you say? One word A to

Milking your money and health!

This starts pretty early in life. Your grandma tells you – ghee is sacred, it is the gift of cows and food for Gods. Then your ma tells you – want lustrous hair and skin? Chupchaap take some ghee! Then your doctor tells you – for easy digestion make sure you get your share of