Mind Your Gap Master Plate

One of the biggest hurdles there is to eating healthy is figuring out the how.

For developing a habit of eating healthy - as with any other worthwhile habit - it is critical to first figure out the right things to do and then do them consistently. As simple as they seem, it takes understanding the basics and then putting in the effort.

Simple doesn’t mean easy!

  • Should I give up rice?
  • Are potatoes fattening?
  • Is my dhal not enough of a protein?
  • What exactly does it mean to cook healthy?
  • Should I be switching to olive oil now?
  • How do I cope with nosey people, their questions and unasked for advice?

Are you grappling with questions like these?

And hesitate to ask because you feel they may be too "basic" to get clarified??

It doesn’t help that you see and read conflicting information everyday in the media! It further adds to your confusion and wearily you resign saying, “whatever!”

But the inner person within gnaws away at you, and the voice grows louder when you do not pay attention.


You can take your decisions confidently when you understand the principles.

It is near impossible (actually, even needless) to chase after trends, be it fashion or food.

The wisdom lies in:

  • Understanding the basics

    Example - how carbs work in our body

  • Addressing your own beliefs

    Example - milk makes our bones strong, may be your belief. Looking at the scientific evidence is the process to address it efficiently

  • Interpreting what you learn

    Example - cooking lessons to take into your kitchen

Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate is a step by step program to help you identify and bridge your gaps in understanding and practice.

It gives you a blueprint to support you in:

- making food decisions rationally and independently
- assess yourself and articulate goals to constantly improve yourself.

It puts the power of cooking and eating healthy where it rightly belongs: in YOUR hands.

Who is it for?

It is for Indian women who would like to put in the work it takes to cook, eat and be healthy.

Who is it NOT for?

It is NOT for you if you are pregnant or a lactating mother. It not for you if you are on medications for chronic conditions. Not that it can't help you, but you will need the support of your medical team and it is slightly complicated to co-ordinate that.