I help motivated Indian women win over their food cravings. As an outcome of this, they develop a love for cooking and eating healthy and feel beautiful.

We live in a world that's obsessed with results.

In my field, this translates to that dream number body weight or waist measure or it could be the cliched term mindful eating!

What I've seen to be most effective however, is focusing on the process.

The science of Nutrition must be translated to actionable steps in your kitchen.

Plus, you need to take the time to learn, put an effort to unlearn habits that don't serve you anymore.

Fill the gaps in your understanding and interpreting facts.

Imagine saying, " I love Pakoras, but no thanks!"

This route is empowering, enriching and brings you lasting results. While you may not give up rating potato chips or Pakoras as your top favorite, you will find eating a salad can totally delight your senses.

I am all about helping you make distinctions between pleasure and joy .. perfection and progress.

This health and food journey, really does start with YOU.


The idea of Health Initiatives took shape when I shifted base to the US, and started sharing my recipes of vegetable-based dishes with friends and neighbors that were eager to include more vegetables on their plates. This was the early beginning of my program 'Spice Up'. This serves my non-Indian clientele.

My Indian client base consistently sought support and I've always deeply enjoyed this work with them. Being an Indian woman myself, I understand our ways around Indian food and cooking, plus the potential pitfalls that come with it. With this commitment, along with my lessons learnt from working in India, my exclusive program for Indian women Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate came to be.

After my degree in Nutrition and for about 15 years I worked as a Dietitian and Diabetes Educator in one of the busiest Day Care Centers (SAMATVAM) and Hospitals (Narayana Hrudayalaya) in India. I got to intern at some premier hospitals in the UK and learn from very senior and respected colleagues while there.

It was during this phase I observed how teaching people how to cope with their disease conditions within a hospital setting leaves very little room - by way of time and infra structure - to focus on cultivating health. Also, I had arrived at what to me felt like the core healthful habits to reduce the burden of unnecessary sickness and pain:

To help people:

Eat more vegetables and
Be more willing to cook

Today, these ideas are substantially proved to be the essence of longevity secrets of Blue Zone centenarian communities around the world.

I further focused and zeroed in on teaching women, because they (we!) have a natural inclination to learn and discuss about matters relating to food. Despite the changing trends, a huge percentage of women continue to cook for their families. So, when women learn better, its positive effects reach the entire family.

For a healthier tomorrow, my intention is that every child develops two strengths:

A love for eating vegetables
A willingness to learn cooking

I approach this by way of influencing the biggest teacher for any child, the mother.

Health Initiatives currently offers two programs:

Mind Your Gap Master Plate - is a step by step program to help Indian women identify their gaps in understanding and behavior in the area of Nutrition. While it can serve anyone interested in the topic, it has been crafted specifically for Indian audience.

Spice Up - is a workshop to teach non-Indian women about the nuances of using spices confidently. This does make for a wonderful learning experience for a budding Indian cook, but originally it was intended for non-Indian fans of spices and Indian food.