The Lure Of Food Versus Joy Of Health


When we first met, Nimisha was struggling with problems of skin, hair and low energy. She had scoured all the resources on internet and it had left her feeling miserable, angry and hurt. Above all else, confused! 

When the information shared has an agenda to fill the biz coffers primarily, it is hard to take a stand. There’s no option but to sway to the tunes of your next sponsors and their hype. This is the reality of the world we live in! And everyone of us is responsible for how things are today.
Nimisha is an industrious and intelligent lawyer turned educationist. She has other important roles play as a young mother, wife and daughter. She needs the energy to be be on the run for long stretches at time. And leading her to treat carbohydrates like her enemy caused her woes. To add to that, pushing more meat, more eggs, more dairy brought more new problems.
This post is for everyone that asks me – “Girija, do you ask people to give up meat?” Well, in principle I do not believe in taking decisions for others. Not even for my clients. And talking about meat, the world’s longest living people in the Blue Zone communities do eat meat. The question then would be how much and how often. Humans as a species are omnivores – there’s no denying this fact.  
All this said, in my program Mind Your Gap Master Your Plate does involve abstinence. My clients get amazing results and feel empowered to take their own long term decisions whether they want to go back to eating meat or not. 
I am curious to learn from my clients as much as they do from me. And I asked Nimisha how she was doing, with no meat. In her own words – “I am off dairy and any kind of meats and I am surprisingly doing good. In fact, I am eating normally without worrying about a thousand things before putting the food in my mouth”  
You may wonder how do people sustain giving up things like dairy and meat? The joy of vibrant skin and lovely hair is sustainable. Boundless energy to do the work that you are passionate about is very sustainable. The lure of addictive foods that do not serve our nutritional needs doesn’t hold up in comparison to the joy of health. I invite you to try it for yourself!
Nimisha is affectionately called Nims. Nims, I am very very proud of you. May you be well, may you be healthy – now and always!
Please note – neither Nims nor I, we have no obligation to share this – her personal story with the world. It is out of genuine intention to inspire other women who may be in a similar situation, that we have let you in on some highlights of our journey together. Questions are welcome but please be kind. Compliments are even more welcome! 🙂  

3 thoughts on “The Lure Of Food Versus Joy Of Health”

  1. Congratulations, Nims ❤️. Way to go. I have seen your pics do the talking.

    I have benefited a great deal by largely restricting by meat and dairy intake. Have to thank Giri for helping nourish our bodies, minds and wills. 🤗❤️

  2. Nisha and Girija..thank you so much!! When the mind and body is happy, the pictures come out happy too 🤗..
    Goodluck to all of us ❤

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