Spice Up Workshop

What is Spice Up:

It is a one-on-one workshop that’s spread over  2-3 hours, to learn about spices.

Who is it for?

This is for you if…

  • you’re someone who wants to add a wee bit more flavor into your cooking but you’ve held tightly to the “trusty two-some” salt and peppa!


  • you’re someone enjoys cooking and who wants to jazz up your repertoire of to include spices.
  • you already know the benefits to having spices for health reasons, in theory. And now, you’d like to figure out ways to use them in your kitchen regularly.

Tell me how the Workshop unfolds:

  • You will get to learn about 7-10 spices and use them individually and in simple, but wonderful, combinations.
  • I’ll get you involved in some light cooking to demonstrate key ideas and you’ll see first hand how a dish comes together in complex layers of flavor, texture and colors.
  • And you get to enjoy your delicious creation – a nice five course meal.
  • I will share with you the notes from our time together, give you 15 -20 recipes that have consistently wowed my guests and answer all of your questions.
  • We will also discuss how to create and improvise your own recipes.

And you are welcome to stay in touch to clarify your thoughts or doubts with me once you actually start experimenting in your kitchen.

What are the top 5 reasons why  people took this Workshop:

  1. You’ll have a first-hand reference to taste – unlike learning from a book or video. (They often say: This is much more concrete than imagining the outcome of a recipe.)
  2. The dishes you get to savor are only made in traditional Indian homes. (They often  say : I haven’t see these on a restaurant menu, anywhere.)
  3. You’ll see how taste and health need not be an either/or situation. (They often say: If this is what healthy feels like .. it’s a feast!)
  4. You’re going to take home ideas to use spices in simple recipes that will come together quickly without it eating into your precious time. (They often say: “I can’t wait to go home and try ..”)
  5. And you get to take home a starter set of spices. (They always say: “Wow, thanks for getting me started” )