Welcome to Health Initiatives

ab‘Why does any food that’s supposedly healthy, taste so TERRIBLE?’

was the burning question of my 20s. This quest to figure out ways to make healthy food look beautiful and taste delicious, has been one of my chief preoccupations.

My name is Girija.  Most people call me Giri (Gi sound as in ‘gift’ and ri as in ‘rich’). I am the founder and voice of Health Initiatives.  I’ve  a degree in Nutrition and for about 15 years I worked as a Dietitian and Diabetes Educator in some of the busiest Day Care Centers and Hospitals in India. As important as this is, teaching people how to cope with their disease conditions within a hospital setting leaves very little room to focus on cultivating health.

At this point, I shifted base to the US and was looking to combine my personal and professional experiences. Given my background, food and health was invariably the topic of discussion with my new friends and neighbors. Check these snippets from real conversations with real people –

  • “I understand in my head, that we need to eat more vegetables. And I even buy them! But when I go into the kitchen I just go blank!”

(Your take-away: People who cook/eat veggies were NOT born this way, they learnt how to do so – You can, too)

  • “We went to a lavish buffet … they had so many lentil varieties and veggies – YUM YUM, but we also got way more oil and salt than we’d ever eat at home.”

(Your take-away: Eating out rarely solves the problem )

  • “My friend said turmeric is very good in treating inflammation.  Today, I read it myself in a Journal. But you know what? I have no clue how to use it! It’s staring at me each time I look in the pantry.”

(Your take away: Knowing and reading does not mean doing)

  • “My kids are learning about foods from around the world and I am not all that adventurous about trying some totally foreign recipe out of a book or from YouTube.”

(Your take-away: Kids are already on-board! That’s one BIG step closer to eating healthy as a family and enjoying it.)


ab2If you want to figure out how to bridge the gap between tasty and healthy, then you are not alone.

For the last eight years, I’ve been inviting people just like you into my kitchen – I play the match-maker and they fall head-over-heels in love with spices, vegetables, lentils.  They re-discover the joy of cooking, experimenting with new ingredients and eating wonderfully healthy meals at home.

I am committed to sharing with you everything I know and have learnt over years about food and health, just like you were my family.

Yes, Health Initiatives is a business and I do charge a fee for the workshops I teach. And  am very proud to have put together these classes for you. But the difference is, I think this is HUGE – everything about me, my classes and this website is purpose-driven. Science is very clear about what food supports our well-being and what does not. My belief is that your love for colorful, tasty food  is a gift of Nature, given to you for a good reason. Often, this is used against you and you may not even realize it.  And I’d like to flip that and show you how there’s a way to make healthy food taste wonderful.

I invite you to check out my workshops and sign up if it aligns with your interest. Every one of them is created to help you inspire to cook and eat healthy. And yes, they still fit in extremely well with your tight time schedules.

Also, most of what I teach you all from this platform will be yours for free. So, be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

Thank you for visiting! Let me know, how I can help you. If ever you feel stuck or have more questions, just email me. I actually do read every single one of them.